Configure the right machine for the job


Based on the specific situation, there are several configurations and options possible. Due to its modular and standardized design the machine can be adapted according to the product and capacity requirements.With the Unifortes Test Centre the bar is set even higher to offer the customer the possibility to run cleaning and drying trials with their contaminated products, testing the washing and drying results at capacity based on real production. Unifortes is happy to advise you in detail how to get the best machine for the job.

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Capacity of the washing machine

This determines the length of the washing machine

industrial washing machines

►Pump/spraying system

Depending on the type of product and level of pollution a variety of pump types, water pressures and nozzle systems can be applied.

unifortes custom-made nozzle pattern lean and open design

► Filter system

The washing water can be filtered in different ways. From (fine) filtration by means of filter drawers and/or different kind of rotating drum-filters

unifortes draw filter systems rotating drum filter systems

►Drying systems

Washed product can be dried by means of modular blow-ff units.

unifortes dryer air knives air recirculation dryers

►Heating system

The washing water can be heated by means of electrical heating elements, heat-exchangers or steam-injections.

unifortes heating by hot water heat-exchanges heating by electrical heating elements

►Steam Exhaust

To reduce the air humidity around the machine, a steam exhaust can be mounted on the machine.

unifortes steam extraction systems

► Reduce labour and improve efficiency

Material handling systems like stackers and de-stackers can be added. Besides the impact on labour, these automated systems will gaurantee a constant and continuous output.

unifortes palletiser systems stacking systems

Unifortes is happy to advice you in detail how to get the best machine for the job

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