Desinfectie vrijstaand

Disinfection module prevents spread of ToBRFV virus

The outbreak of the Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV)- virus is not an unnoticed event in the tomato cultivation. ToBRFV causes a plant disease that causes tomatoes to turn brown. The virus does not pose any danger to public health. The virus spreads mechanically, through humans and tools such as product carriers. Where the majority of tomato varieties have built up resistance to Tobamoviruses, this does not yet apply to the ToBRFV. Tomato cultivators reacted en masse to this virus and they are looking for powerful ways to kill this virus.

Unifortes sensed the unrest within the sector and set up a project team to find ways of dealing with this virus. Together with internal and external experts they quickly designed a stand-alone disinfection module, within one week the first actual prototype was built. After some tests within the field and adjustments made at our production facility, type 2 of the disinfection module is now being delivered throughout Europe. This disinfection module can be placed over any conveyor belt where the product carriers are sprayed with a disinfectant. An important treatment to prevent the spread of this virus.

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