Mould Washer – Basic

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The Unifortes Basic-line mould washing machine offers the opportunity to have a cleaning system with the key features of the ‘industrial’ washer machines series, but for smaller budgets and at a lower capacity. The mould washing machine is available for chocolate moulds, cheese forms and meat moulds. It is also possible to clean chocolate plaques, cheese block moulds, cheese mats and ham moulds. The mould washers consists of a washing section and a rinsing section. A throughput up to 400 products per hour can be achieved depending on the degree of pollution and type of product.
The mould washer is available in 2 configurations / tunnel lengths:

Unifortes Mould Washer
basic tunnel washer washing machine

▲2m Wash Tunnel

Main wash section
Rinse section
Up to 250 E2 crates /h

Basic tunnel washer washing machine

▲3m Wash Tunnel

Main wash section
Rinse section
Up to 400E2 crates /h


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Specially designed to offer some of the key features of the “industrial” series at a lower capacity and for smaller budgets
3D simulation to define optimal design for customer
 Transport height of 900mm resulting in ergonomically manual in-feed and out-feed
Seamless tube spray window for optimal hygiene
Easy removable nozzles for quick clean and inspection
 Lean and open design results in an easy to clean machine, from inside and outside
We have the capacity, the know-how and the product range to deliver a successful turn key product

Expandable features

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Tank heating by electric elements, hot water heat exchangers or steam injectors
Different types of filter applicable according your situation
label removal system for the removal of labels
Modular air recirculation dryer for automatic drying of the items
 Steam extraction systems to improve work environment
Material handling for turn-key solutions