Special Egg Washing Line

Increasing demand from the sector has inspired Unifortes to develop a washing line specifically intended for washing and drying eggs. Washing table eggs, when done correctly, is a proven advantage to egg producers and to the consumers. Eggs that look clean (sold as Class A) still carry high amounts of bacteria and present a health risk to consumers. Washing eggs greatly reduces the amount of shell borne bacteria and therefore reduces the health risk.

Unifortes egg washers are designed to wash the eggs in a correct way and so gentle that eggs with hairline cracks or small shell defects are not lost in the process. The Unifortes washers contain a washing section, a rinsing section and various types of drying systems to match the type of eggs you are washing. To extend the shelf life of an egg, the washing machine can be equipped with a spraying section with mineral oil.

The egg washers begin with capacities of 4.000 eggs per hour and go up to 24 rows with capacities of up to 288.000 eggs per hour. The units are designed to operate stand-alone or in-line with all major egg graders/packers and egg breaking machines. Since the launch of this machine in 2018, Unifortes already installed multiple solutions world-wide. Customers have even invested in additional machines as a result of the first installation.

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