Tray Washers – Unifortes Basic

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This standalone basic tray washer is suitable for
cleaning a wide variety of trays. Its unique design
makes the tray washing machine compact and easy to use in
almost every situation. With a limited weight of
150kg it is easily moved around the working place.
The washer is easy to operate and perfect for smaller
operations which require low to medium washing

Tray Washers Unifortes Basic
Tray Washers - Unifortes Basic

▲1m Wash Tunnel

Basic Tray Washer
Main Wash Section
Rotating and fixed spraying nozzles
For tray sizes up to 400mm high and 150mm thick/wide
Up to 200 trays/h

Tray Washers Unifortes Basic


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Specially designed to offer some of the key features of the “industrial” series at a lower capacity and for smaller budgets
3D simulation to define optimal design for customer
 Transport height of 900mm resulting in ergonomically manual in-feed and out-feed
Seamless tube spray window for optimal hygiene
Easy removable nozzles for quick clean and inspection
 Lean and open design results in an easy to clean machine, from inside and outside
We have the capacity, the know-how and the product range to deliver a successful turn key product

Expandable features

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Optionally delivered with high pressure piston pump (7,5kW producing 100 bar or 11kW producing 150 bar)
Spraying system can also be driven by mobile high pressure cleaners which have an output of minimally 36L/min.